Reusable 4-Layer Face Mask + 2 FREE FILTERS (Black, Grey or White) by PPE Supply


  • Made with comfortable, skin-friendly materials that promote exceptional breathability and everyday use (65% cotton + 35% polyester blend, interior fabric 100% cotton)
  • Can be hand washed or machine washed on a low setting.
  • Equipped with a sturdy filter pocket that allows you to easily insert and remove our Activated Carbon filters.
  • Each mask comes with 2 free filters.

This mask is NOT intended for medical use. 

Non-medical masks are for the general public or use in non-healthcare-related environments. They should be worn when there is a low risk of exposure, outside of healthcare facilities, and/or when social distancing may be difficult.

Additional Information

Due to the nature of our products and obvious safety concerns, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges on masks or respirators, even if unopened. All sales are final. We appreciate your understanding!

All products are free from graphene, biographene, latex and fibreglass. All of our products are safe and meet the Health Canada standards. 

Reusable 4-Layer Face Mask

Soft & Comfortable

Our reusable, washable 4-layer masks provide optimal protection while you and your loved ones carry out your everyday tasks. Simple, stylish and adjustable to fit your comfort needs, we're introducing a new level of protection and breathability.

Each mask is packaged with 2 free PM2.5 Disposable Filters for your convenience, totalling in 9 layers of protection!

4 Layers of Protection

Made with comfortable, skin-friendly materials that promote exceptional breathability and everyday use.

Exterior Layer: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester

Middle Layer: 100% Cotton

Middle Layer: Filled Cotton

Interior Layer: 100% Cotton

Great for the Office

Get ready to head back to work! Choose comfort and breathability while easing back into the daily commute and longer hours of needed wear. Keep a clean, minimal and professional look while in the office, working on collaborative projects, conducting video conferences and one-on-one meetings.

You can count on the protection of yourself, your teammates and your clients while using the 4-Layer Reusable Mask.

Available in grey, white and black.

Convenient Packaging

Packaged in a re-sealable pouch, easily store and transport your mask when not in use.

A great option for larger families or groups and the daily commuter!

Carry on with ease.

The lightweight design of the mask allows you to carry out your daily activities with ease.

Don’t hold back from life! Safely run your errands, visit with loved ones and pick up your favourite snacks or drinks all while feeling confident in your protection and the protection of those around you.

Designed  to provide optimal comfort .

Equipped with an integrated nose bridge piece made of soft metal and plastic, personalize your fit and enhance your comfort levels. Earloops made of high-quality elastic material allow for longer hours of wear without causing uncomfortable tension behind the ears.

Reliable, comfortable while providing exceptional breathability, the 4-Layer Reusable Mask is a great and efficient option for everyone.

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