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Custom-Printed Disposable Medical Masks

Cloth or reusable masks are no longer the ideal standard to protect your employees, team or visitors while in the workplace. Now, companies are putting their trust in medically-rated, disposable masks, as these provide trusted and tested protection. With that, more and more businesses are creating custom logo masks for their staff, to prioritize their safety and create a professional, uniform look.

Made right here in Canada, provide your group with the best while supporting our local communities! Ships from Toronto, Ontario and available in ASTM Level 3. Finally, a customizable, made-in-Canada mask able to cater to any company needs!

Facilitate a sense of community amongst your staff or patrons with a custom logo disposable mask!

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100% handmade soap bar


Ready to fit any company branding or aesthetic.

Custom logo masks allow you to create a safe environment while communicating to your employees and patrons that you are prioritizing their protection and well-being. The pleated, 3-layer design provides long-lasting comfort and breathability without compromising the protection of your staff or visitors.

The mask is available in a variety of colours to suit any company's aesthetic.

The logo stamp is also available in a variety of colours, to seamlessly coordinate with the mask material.


Schools or extra-curricular teams and groups.

A great option for school or extra-curricular environments, as our custom logo masks provide a uniform look equipped with your school or team logo!

Allow your students and parents to know that their safety and protection are at the front of your mind. The breathability and comfort these masks offer allow them to take part in their day-to-day activities with ease.

We recommend choosing our individually sealed option for custom logo masks being used in these environments, as this ensures all students or youths are using brand new, clean masks that have not lost their integrity due to their commute or travel between classes and spaces.

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100% handmade soap bar


Provides optimal levels of protection and comfort.

Breathe easy knowing everyone from your group is receiving equal levels of medically-rated protection.

These Canadian-made custom logo masks are available in ASTM Level 3. The pleated, 3-layer design is composed of skin-friendly, non-woven and melt-blown materials. These materials are recommended by top health professionals and provide optimal levels of medically graded protection, without compromising breathability or comfort.

An integrated, adjustable nose piece provides a customizable, snug and secure fit for the wearer. The ear loops are made from strong yet flexible and soft elastic, decreasing the chances of tension building behind the ears after a few hours of wear. We know you're striving to keep your team staff comfortable as well as providing them with the protection they need!


Available individually sealed or in boxes of 50

For orders of 100,000 pieces, we’re able to customize the box that the masks come in! We’ll add your company logo to our minimalist design, creating a consistent look alongside your customized masks.

Regardless of whether or not you go with a customized or standard box, each holds 50 pieces and allows you to pull each mask out without compromising the integrity of the other masks still remaining inside. This is great for office environments, events or where users are more close-knit.

We cater to bulk, wholesale and orders for large institutions!

LEAD TIME: 6 Weeks
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