PPE Supply Canada - affiliate marketing program

Our mission is to protect our communities near and far. We truly strive to offer and recommend outstanding products, while providing exceptional customer service and resources to help ease the common stresses that come with shopping for personal protective equipment.

The process of finding and deciding on a trusted, reliable retailer can be overwhelming enough, let alone having to also choose the right mask that caters to your needs and face shape.

This is why we wanted to offer a way to help you, help others. Your recommendation could alleviate an immense amount of stress and confusion for someone, as your voice solidifies not only their future positive experience with us but also the peace of mind they will have when using our products.

Do you want to be that voice for someone and get paid? Read on to find out more about PPE Supply Canada's Affiliate Marketing Program!


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 • EARN: Earn a percentage in commissions based on the number of orders you generate!

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