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Masks sizing chart

Please note that this chart is for reference only and sizing is approximate. 

PPE Supply Canada: How do I find my mask size?

PPE Supply Canada offers a wide range of protective face masks that are comfortable, breathable and able to be worn for long periods of time. Our catalogue of protective face masks caters to all different ages, face shapes and sizes. We have something for everyone! 

It's important to keep in mind that, as humans, we all come in different shapes and sizes! This can make finding the perfect fit a bit of a puzzle, but we have gone ahead and implemented a few actions to help our customers find their go-to mask, including listing the measurements of each mask within their accompanying product listing and providing the sizing chart above for reference.

Your mask should provide a snug but comfortable fit, without leaving any gaps for unfiltered air to leak through. Each protective face mask that PPE Supply Canada offers is equipped with an adjustable nose clip that helps to ensure a more personalized fit and tighter seal.

For children or youths, we recommend masks that fall under the “Small” sizing block, such as our Individually Sealed Children’s KN95 Mask.

For those with smaller faces/face shapes (thinner individuals, females, older youths), we recommend a medium-sized mask such as our Individually Sealed KN95 Mask (Cone-Shaped)

For those with a more standard-sized face shape, we recommend a mask that falls more under the “Large” sizing block, such as our Individually Sealed KN95 Mask (3D-Willow-Leaf-Shaped) or CA-N95 (Regular) 

See our article about different N95 & KN95 masks styles.

*Please kindly note that most standard-sized adults wear masks that fall under the "Medium"  block.

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If you’d like to align your measurements with the measurements listed in the product listing of the mask you’re interested in, go ahead and grab your trusty measuring tape!

This method of taking measurements for your protective face mask can be applied to all age groups and face shapes. We strongly recommend facilitating this before purchasing a new style of mask!

Using your trusty tape measure, measure from the mid-point of your nose to just over an inch under your chin. This result would be your reference for the height of the mask.

Measure from the outer edge of your left cheekbone to the outer edge of your right to cheekbone (about an inch below your temples) to find the correct width for your mask. Make sure to add a couple of millimetres to your measurement to avoid the mask being too small.