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Introducing the Lucira COVID-19 and Flu Test Kit

Experience the power of Lucira's groundbreaking COVID-19 and Flu Test Kit, designed to bring accurate testing to your doorstep. Within 30 minutes, achieve precise results for COVID-19 and flu with the reliability of a high-quality lab test.

Utilizing cutting-edge LAMP technology, the Lucira COVID-19 and Flu Detection Kit ensures dependable outcomes no matter where you are.

The Best of Both Worlds

The Lucira COVID Test offers the best of both rapid antigen tests and PCR tests. Easy to use at home while providing results quickly, just like rapid antigen tests, and also equipped with the ability to detect infection early while giving you verified test results you can present at work or at your next event!

Accurate, Rapid Testing for Multiple industries

Key Features

• Remarkably accurate, boasting a 99% match with highly sensitive lab PCR tests.

• Rapid results, with positive outcomes in as little as 11 minutes and negative results in just 30 minutes.

• A single nasal swab tests for COVID-19 and its concerning variants, as well as Flu A, and Flu B.

• Health Canada authorization for ages 2 and up, with adult supervision for children aged 2-13.

Convenient and Accessible Testing

• User-friendly, requiring no specialized training.

• Suitable for ages 2 and above, with adult assistance for children aged 2-13.

• Compact and portable design delivers lab-quality results wherever you are.

• Empowers patients, reducing strain on medical facilities.

Distinguishing COVID-19 from the Flu

COVID-19 and flu symptoms closely mimic each other, however, their treatment, isolation protocols, travel considerations, and contagiousness differ significantly. With this in mind, accurate diagnosis is crucial for providing the best care possible, and the Lucira COVID-19 and Flu Test Kit intuitively differentiates between COVID-19, Flu A, and Flu B, guiding you toward the most appropriate actions.


• Obtain a digital certificate of your test results directly on your smart device with LuciPass.

• Simply scan the QR code located on the test kit's packaging and follow the step-by-step instructions.

• Quickly confirm negative results or share positive results with your healthcare provider for expedited treatment.