Activated 5-Layer PM2.5 Carbon Filter Inserts for Reusable Face Masks (Pack of 10)


  • Equipped with 5-layer protection to help filter out almost 100% of particulates.
  • Face mask filter inserts made with spun-bound polyester, activated carbon and high-efficiency, melt-blown, non-woven polypropylene.
  • Leading filter technology ready to combat the harmful particles you are exposed to daily.


  • Product Specifications
    • Measurements
      • 4.5" x 3"
  • Product Composition
    • Layers 1 and 5:
      • Spun-bound polyester material that filters out larger particles.
    • Layer 3 (middle):
      • Activated carbon layer that traps particulate matter via an adhesion process.
    • Layers 2 and 4:
      • High-efficiency, melt-blown, non-woven polypropylene that can filter smaller substances.
  • How long will a PM2.5 filter last?
    • With respect to our PM2.5 filters, it is recommended that the filter be replaced after a maximum of 12 hours of use. For instance, if you use the filter continuously at work for 8-12 hours a day, it is recommended that you replace the filter after every single use. If you use the filter occasionally for 1-2 hours at a time, you may be able to reuse the filter more than once, up to a maximum of 12 hours. Another useful rule of thumb is to replace whenever inhalation resistance increases – when it becomes harder to draw a breath, even if the 12-hour maximum use time has not elapsed.
  • Price and Package Details
    • 10 FILTERS / PACK
    • Price listed is per pack

Additional Information

Due to the nature of our products and obvious safety concerns, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges on masks or respirators, even if unopened. All sales are final. We appreciate your understanding!

All products are free from graphene, biographene, latex and fibreglass. All of our products are safe and meet the Health Canada standards.


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