3-Layer Face Mask

Perfect for the Everyday

Enhance your personal protective equipment toolkit with our 3-Layer Reusable Mask. Soft, comfortable and designed to be worn for long periods of time, these masks were made to provide you with unmatched breathability and optimal protection.

Lightweight, adjustable & featuring a filter layer of non-woven polypropylene.

Our 3-Layer Reusable Mask features two layers of high-quality, breathable cotton with a third middle layer of  non-woven polypropylene. Masks that include a layer of this material are what is recommended by Canada's Top Health Officials.

The contoured design and integrated nose bridge piece holds the mask in place without constant adjustment and touching of the mask. The spacious fit around the mouth provides ease of conversation while wearing.

Designed to fit close to your face and equipped with a flexible nose bridge piece and side adjustment tabs, this mask is so personalized and comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing a mask!

Reusable & Washable

Reduce your carbon footprint and keep your mask clean after every use! The 3-Layer Reusable Mask can be hand washed or machine washed on a low setting.

We recommend washing your mask after every use to ensure optimal levels of protection and cleanliness.

Please note to remove filters before washing.

Convenient Filter Pocket

The mask is equipped with a sturdy filter pocket that allows you to easily insert and remove our PM2.5 Disposable Filters! Improve your protection against particulates, allergens, and pollutants.

Each mask comes with 2 free PM2.5 Disposable Filters.

Great for Working Environments

Equip your team with the protection they need while on the job. These masks were designed for long hours of wear and help to cultivate a clean, minimal and uniform look across your staff.

 Feel confident in the protection of your team members and the clients or patrons visiting your establishment.

For All Lifestyles

The contoured fit, integrated nose bridge piece and adjustable ear loops made of high-quality materials make this mask the perfect fit for all lifestyles. The clean, minimal design provides a consistent, sophisticated look that pairs well with any ensemble.

From running errands to heading back to work, the 3-Layer Reusable Face Mask is ready for you.