Honeywell DC301 N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask Made in USA
Honeywell DC301 N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask Made in USA
Honeywell DC301 N95 Respirator Mask Made in USA
Honeywell DC301 N95 Respirator Mask Made in USA
Honeywell DC301 N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask Noise Clip
Honeywell DC301 N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask Straps
PPE Supply Canada N95 & KN95 Masks Sizing Chart
Honeywell DC301 N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask Made in USA
Honeywell DC301 N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask Made in USA
Honeywell DC301 N95 Respirator Mask Made in USA
Honeywell DC301 N95 Respirator Mask Made in USA
Honeywell DC301 N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask Noise Clip
Honeywell DC301 N95 NIOSH Certified Respirator Mask Straps
PPE Supply Canada N95 & KN95 Masks Sizing Chart

Honeywell DC301 N95 Respirator Mask Made in USA

The DC301 Disposable Respirator is a universal size mask: designed to comfortably fit most facial shapes. The adjustable nose clip helps provide a comfortable: secure seal.

NIOSH, a Federal government regulatory agency, has tested and approved the Honeywell Particulate Respirator DC301, which is designed to help reduce exposure to certain airborne/non-oil based particles

• Exclusive design that minimizes the pressure points and fits comfortably on most faces. 
• Humidity and moisture resistant filter media that repels moisture for a longer lasting respirator. 
• Strong: rigid outer shell prevents masks from collapsing in high humidity. 
• Dual welded head straps secure the respirator comfortably on the user’s face.
• Latex free woven head straps reduce the possibility of breakage.
• Honeywell N95 Mask is NIOSH approved
• Available in bulk packaging.
• Expiry Date 10/21/2023.

PLEASE NOTE: The 20PC option is unboxed and arrives in a sleeve of 20 pieces. This option is not boxed in a branded, Honeywell box. The 200PC option arrives in a branded, Honeywell master carton. By completing your purchase of these masks, you acknowledge, understand and agree to this.

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Individually Sealed
Black KN95 Protective Face Mask

Your New Go-To Mask

KN95 Protective Face Masks are foldable, 4-ply with ear loops and equipped with a minimum filter efficiency of 95%. filtration of non-oily suspended particles of 0.3-micron levels. Ideal for daily use, helping to prevent the spread of germs and protect yourself, your loved ones and your community from airborne particles, viruses, pollen and other allergens.

Convenient & Breathable

Conveniently packaged in an individual seal, ensuring easier distribution amongst families, groups and staff.

Tested by Health Canada approved lab
Filtration efficiency ≥ 95%. 

4 Layer Protection

Filtration Efficiency


Rounded Design & Thicker Surface Layer

The KN95 mask is an approved and suitable equivalent of the N95 face mask according to both 3M and the CDC.

Importantly, the rounded design and thicker surface enable our masks to filter fine particles with better efficiency than other masks designed with rectangular designs, which also tend to be thinner and can only filter particles of roughly 10 microns.

Flexible Nose Bridge Piece & Breathable Shape

The flexible design and rounded shape provide optimal comfort and a substantial breathing area, allowing for more sufficient airflow circulation while preventing some contact with the lips. A great option for those who are required to wear a mask for longer periods of time.

An integrated, flexible nose bridge piece adds the ability for a more personalized and contoured fit for the wearer. Freely adjust to your needs and optimize your protection and the protection of those around you. This feature also provides some relief from glasses fogging up.

Individually Sealed
Disposable 3-Ply Mask

The perfect option for everyday use

Wear while running errands, while on the job or while commuting around the city.

The sleek and minimal design maintains a clean, consistent look that goes well with any ensemble or uniform.

This allows you to enhance the protection and professional look of your establishment or team.

Made for everyone

4-layer protection composed of high-quality materials such as non-woven, melt-blown fabric. Breathe easy and stay comfortable with the mask's multi-layer design and substantial room for free airflow.

Honeywell DC301 N95
NIOSH-Approved Respirator Mask

The DC301 Disposable Respirator is designed to reduce exposure to certain airborne and non-oil-based particles. The unique structure fits most face sizes and shapes while providing excellent protection and outstanding comfort. Humidity and moisture resistance while being NIOSH-approved, the DC301 N95 Respirator sets the bar high for exceptional levels of protection.


As we all know, working in demanding, high-risk environments or while navigating a global pandemic, the need for proper respiratory infection is imperative. The further we take our own protection, the further we take the protection of those around us.

With various and evolving variants (such as the Deltacron, Omicron and the BA.2 variant) continuously popping up all over the globe, now is the time to invest in only the best while selecting your personal protective equipment.

The Honeywell DC301 Disposable N95 Respirator was recently supplied to the US government, and has been NIOSH-approved. Currently, it is listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / NIOSH-approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators as an approved respirator to don while navigating the pandemic.

As these respirators are NIOSH-approved, they offer the highest level of protection available and are currently one of our most sought-after products!

Individually Sealed for Enhanced Protection

Never worry about your child using a mask that has been crumpled up in their bags or pockets, as the individual seal maintains the structure and integrity of the mask!

Easy to distribute amongst larger families, teams, classrooms and groups.

Perfect for extended wear while in the classroom or attending extra-curricular activities!

Pack a few in their school bags, cubbies or lockers and feel confident that they are always equipped with optimal protection no matter where they are.


An adjustable, moulded nose clip helps to provide a custom, personalized seal for each wearer, in addition to removing the need for frequent adjustments. The exclusive design of the Honeywell DC301 Respirator includes dual welded head straps that secure the respirator comfortably to the wearer's face. This unparalleled design is breathable and minimizes any pressure points that traditional masks usually force, ultimately increasing the overall comfort of the respirator, as well as the length of which this comfort lasts.

High-Quality, Breathable Materials

Composed of materials such as non-woven and melt-blown fabrics that are both breathable and protective.

Going back to school can be unnerving for children and parents alike, as it can feel overwhelming to have your child be surrounded by multiple people outside of your household again. You want to ensure you’re purchasing a mask that can not only provide optimal protection, but also peace of mind.

The Children’s KN95 Protective Face Mask is the perfect option to ensure maximum protection, while still being both breathable and comfortable.

Individually Sealed
Disposable 3-Ply Mask


The Honeywell DC301 Respirator's dual welded head straps are latex-free, reducing the chance of breakage, resulting in long hours of secure and highly-protective wear.

These straps are paired with a strong and rigid outer shell that prevents the mask from collapsing in high humidity. The filter media of the Honeywell DC301 Respirator repels and is resistant to both humidity and moisture, increasing the longevity of the respirator's lifespan.

The Honeywell DC301 Respirator offers exceptional levels of reliable, trusted protection and is a preferred brand of the US government as well as other top health officials. The one-of-a-kind design allows for extreme breathability and long hours of comfortable wear while maintaining its integrity in various, demanding environments.