Integrating eye, mouth and nose protection, our Face Shields are designed to optimize airflow and prevent interior fogging, making them ideal for any wearer in search of quality, long-lasting protection. Comfortable and able to be worn over long periods of time, these Face Shields are widely used by medical professionals, store clerks, office employees, tattoo artists, restaurant workers and more!


Our comfortable Face Shields are lightweight and can be worn with other personal protective equipment such as masks, goggles or safety glasses as well as personal glasses and hearing aids. This makes them a great fit for any individual, any profession and any working environment!

They're equipped with a foam headband piece and feature a unique, curved construction that contours to the wearer's face. Additionally, these Face Shields are 100% latex-free.

These Protective Face Shields work well in any environment; hospitals, dentistry, health research institution, medicine, pharmaceuticals, food, tattoo and piercing parlours, cosmetics and other industries that may require this form of protection.

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Our Face Shields are easy to don and are made with high-quality plastic that is durable, washable and reusable, allowing them to last for multiple wears with ease. Clear polyester provides maximum visibility for the wearer.

These can be easily washed with soap and water. If the wearer would like to further disinfect their Face Shield, they can do so using disinfectant spray and a cloth wipe.

How long is my face shield effective?

When using our Face Shields in medical settings, we recommend that the wearer disinfects their shield after every wear and discontinue use after 15 wears. This helps to ensure maximum protection and integrity while in these higher-risk environments.

If you're an average individual who applies proper cleaning and care, your Face Shield can last beyond 15 uses, up to weeks on end. If your Face Shield starts to show signs of wear such as scratches or cracks, it's time to open and don a fresh one.

How to wear face shield

• Please ensure to remove any protective film on the Face Shield to ensure clear vision while using.

• Do not bend or place somewhere where it could be stepped on, sat on or crushed (i.e., in a bag or communal storage space).

• Keep the Face Shield in a safe, clean area to avoid damage and contamination.

• It is recommended to disinfect your Face Shield after every use to ensure maximum protection.

Please note that Face Shields are not an equivalent to or replacement for a protective face mask. With this in mind, they are great for use in low-risk environments, or when paired with other PPE.