The global demand for Lysol and Clorox products

It’s become apparent that there is a global shortage of cleaning and disinfectant products. Many individuals are attempting to visit stores at “odd hours” to see if they can come across newly stocked shelves, but with next to no luck. Despite us being 9 months into the pandemic, Lysol and Clorox wipes seem to still be extremely difficult to locate. Clorox company President and CEO Benno Dorer said that they may not be able to fully restock their products until next year due to the pandemic and the fact that flu season is upon us.

With this in mind, there are other products that may be more likely to be available to consumers that are considered just as effective as Lysol and Clorox. Products by Scrubbing Bubbles and Oxyclean have been approved by the EPA as effective against COVID-19.

Stay informed, stay safe.