N95 Respirator Face Mask Made in Canada by Dent-X (10 Masks) (510 Model)


  • Thickened 4-layer design with a minimum filter efficiency of 95%.
  • Fibreglass and latex-free.
  • Blocks airborne bacteria.
  • Adjustable shape for better conformity to the wearer's face.
  • Slightly smaller than the FN-N95-508 model.
  • High-quality ear loops for maximum comfort levels for long hours of wear.
  • Skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Shop local. Shop Canadian.

Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License Number: 3414


Model: FN-N95-510
Style: Flat Fold
Size: Standard, Fits most adults
Measurements: W: 7.95” X H: 3.26”
Colour: White
Material: Non-woven Fabric
Particle Filter Efficiency: 98%
Inhalation Resistance: ≤21.3
Exhalation Resistance: ≤16.7
Fluid Resistance: 160mm Hg

Additional Information

Due to the nature of our products and obvious safety concerns, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges on masks or respirators, even if unopened. All sales are final. We appreciate your understanding!

All products are free from graphene, biographene, latex and fibreglass. All of our products are safe and meet the Health Canada standards. 

Please note that Dent-X Canada has discontinued stamping their logo onto their products. Please anticipate that the masks you will be receiving will not be stamped with the Dent-X logo. We appreciate your understanding!

These masks have been tested and certified by a Health-Canada-approved PPE testing facility. PPE Supply is registered with Health Canada and holds their Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL).

    Dent-X N95 Respirator
    Face Mask

    Engineered for Maximum Comfort & Protection

    The FN-N95-510 flat-fold respirator is one of the best N95 mask options on the market today. The mask's thickened 4-layer construction includes a built-in, non-woven, melt-blown polypropylene filter and high-quality, elastic ear loops. Soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic, this is a preferred mask by many.

    3D Willow-Leaf Shape

    The expandable 3D willow-leaf shape provides substantial breathing area and a large filter surface, enhancing comfort and long-lasting breathability.

    The wide, soft fabric folds of the mask distribute the pressure gently across the face, eliminating pressure points and discomfort often experienced with traditional cup-style respirators.

    Secure, Comfortable Fit

    This mask fits most adults, teens and older children (11+) and is slightly smaller than the FN-N95-508 mask.

    Featuring a wide, metal nose bridge piece that allows the mask to conform to the wearer's face, providing a more personalized and secure fit.

    The tight seal this moldable nose bridge piece provides helps to reduce overall air leakage and fogging of glasses.

    Individually Sealed
    Disposable 3-Ply Mask

    Made in Canada

    The FN-N95-510 is manufactured in Ontario, Canada by Dent-X Canada. Dent-X Canada is a Health Canada MDEL licence holder.

     Shop local, shop Canadian and let's support our community together!

    Feel confident in your fit and protection.

    The mask provides easy breathing with low inhalation and exhalation resistance. Soft, comfortable, breathable and able to be worn for extended periods of time, this is one of the best options for your everyday protection!

    We recommend that the mask be disposed of after 8 hours of accumulated use (i.e., one 8-hour workday, eight 1-hour activities such as running errands or to the grocery store, etc.)

    Invest in the best and shop local. Feel confident in your fit and protection!

    Fibreglass and latex-free
    High-quality ear loops
    N95 respirator mask
    Fits most adults
    Masks made in Canada
    Medical face mask

    PPE Supply Canada is an official, authorized distributor of all Dent-X Canada products.

    *Please kindly note that the recommendations above are simply suggestions and should not be considered medical advice. We encourage all of our customers to conduct their own research so that they are aware of the most up-to-date information provided by health officials.

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