ASTM Level 2 Medical Blue Procedure Face Mask Made in Canada (50 Masks)


  • 3 layer mask with pleated design.
  • Soft lined, water-resistant, non-woven material.
  • ASTM level 2 mask is latex and fibreglass-free.
  • These Canadian masks have adjustable nose piece for a customizable fit.
  • Flexible, high-quality elastic earloops for optimal comfort.

Shop local. Shop Canadian.

Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License Number: 12404

ASTM Level 2 Medical Face Mask
 Made in Canada

Canadian-Made Everyday Protection

The Canadian-made, 3-ply, ASTM Level 2 Medical Mask is the perfect face mask for effortless, everyday protection.

Breathable, comfortable and equipped with an integrated, flexible nose bridge piece to help provide a more customizable fit for the wearer.

Show your support of your fellow Canadians!

Each Canadian made ASTM Level 2 Medical Face Mask by MedCare is stamped with a maple leaf, so you can proudly show your support of Canadian companies!

Made for Canadians, by Canadians

Choosing the MedCare, made-in-Canada mask provides you not only with the opportunity to support local, Canadian manufacturers, but also to display that support proudly!

Let others know that you're a Canadian supporting Canadians.

Manufactured Right Here in Canada

Canadian made, 3 layer masks have become a preferred item across the country, and PPE Supply Canada is proud of its Made in Canada Collection.

Each Canadian made, 3-ply face mask is carefully manufactured in Canada by MedCare, a trusted and reliable partner of PPE Supply Canada. 

All of our made-in-Canada 3-ply face masks are soft and comfortable while providing optimal levels of breathability and long-lasting protection.

Shop local, shop Canadian!

Purchasing Canadian-made items helps us to support our fellow neighbours and enhance the protection of our communities! 

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