We're delighted that the Government of Canada has done a great job distributing Rapid Test Kits at no cost to our fellow Canadians. During this rollout, we've learned that not everyone has the same easy access to these much needed test kits. After receiving hundreds of requests from our customers, we added them to our catalogue to assist those who may be in these situations.

We serve customers near and far, including those who reside in remote areas such as Yellowknife, NT and St. Johns, NL. We also have customers who are immunocompromised in addition to customers who are experiencing symptoms. These customers would rather have their tests delivered directly to their homes, rather than having to coordinate some sort of travel to acquire them.

We've also found that customers prefer purchasing from us, as the stock is guaranteed when they do. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the ability to hop between establishments when one runs out of these test kits. When you're in need of test results, you're in need of them fast, and we're happy to be able to help get these test kits to customers quickly and efficiently.

Please kindly note that we have purchased these test kits directly from the manufacturer. They have not been provided to us by the Government of Canada and we have not received any funding from the Government of Canada to acquire these Rapid Test Kits.