PPE Supply Canada Has Donated 100,000 N95 Masks With More To Share

PPE Supply Canada has donated 100,000 NIOSH-approved respirators since the spring of 2022. After working with non-profit clients throughout the pandemic, the company gained an understanding of how much demand there is for personal protective equipment among the vulnerable. They soon developed a monthly donation program, where they donate a range between 10,000 and 25,000 NIOSH-certified respirators, depending on how many the client is able to receive.

“It’s been a tumultuous few years and we’ve seen how hard the pandemic has hit our vulnerable and compromised communities. Even though we’re stepping out of it now, there are many that are still recovering from the harsh effects,” says Hussein Dhalla, founder and owner of PPE Supply Canada. “Our mission has always been to help others and keep our country well protected. Everyone has the right to feel safe and we want to do our part in contributing to the stability of our communities. Our sincerest thanks go to frontline workers and those who represent these non-profit organizations, as they’re the ones making the most impact. We just want to provide them with even more flexibility to be there for those in need,” he adds. 

PPE Supply Canada has aligned with a diverse range of organizations over the past few months, ranging from charities that assist those with immunodeficiencies to others that aid in global disaster relief, such as the crisis in Ukraine, and more. These include Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization, Sherbourne Health, Global Medic and LOFT Community Services. They will continue to partner with inspirational organizations that share the same values and will get their masks into the right hands, at the right time. 

If you’re a charitable organization in need of N95 respirators, please connect with PPE Supply Canada at 647-577-2624 or contact@ppe-supply.com.